Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a pixel ; lost on a computer screen ... :P

IHi again ! This is just a little quick post for you guys . I've been so busy lately with school and everything ; we still have some problems with my new high school ... The weather have been so lovely these days ; but I couldn't take any pictures , because I was so busy with school and everything ( Oups , I already said that ! :P )
Well , first I'd like you guys to check out my very first blog award that i recieved from the lovely Ikatrina . Thank so much , You really made my day ! Okay so now I'm gonna have to give It back to five bloggers , and I chose these lovely ladies :
Diane from DeeVine Anonyme ...
The lovely Suki from Suki Pooki ...  
Emmanuella  from  E is for Emma , N is for Nuella... Christine from Heart Made ...
And last but not least ; Satu from Indie by heart  ...
Thank you all , you were so supportive to me , much love ! Bisoux
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And plusque je n'ai pas de  new pictures , I'm gonna put some old pictures , I took in various places ...
Bisou , and thanks again to all the lovely bloggers who come and take a look at my blog and comment on It ! Merci beaucoup :)

And this is a little picture ( not so clear) of me in a family wedding ! I was wearing a traditional outfit called Tekchita ! :) So bright and colorful , don't you think ?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to school , Back to reality ...

Hii , It have been a pretty long time since I posted anything :P , And I'm so so very happy about all the lovely comment on my previoues post , I have 37 comment on that ( I used to have only 5_12 comment on each post :P) ! And I'm so glad ! Well yesterday was my first day at school and I wasn't pretty sure about how It was gonna be .. But Iat the end , It turned out  to be one of the best first-day-at-school Days ever ! xD
So I'd like to say thanks to you all again ! And I'll leave with some pictures that I took recently ... Bisoux :)

 My traditionnal pencil case :)

 This one smells amazing :)
 And this cute teddy was a gift from a friend on my 13th birthday :)

And this picture over here , I took it while I was with my mom tryinning to fing the proper wedding gift for our neighboor :)

 Here's another teddy ... Don't ask I have tons of these cute creatures :D

These are some pictures of the cookies that were served in our neighboor's wedding ... And ; I couldn't beleive them when they told me that the bride made these herself ... Amazing !

 This one is my favorite , It was a cookie that looked like a candle ! So cute ! :)

And finally , this is what I wore in my first day at school ... :)

 I was planning to wear these but my feet hurt and I couldn't go out with'em so I ended wearing my confortable black shoes :) , What a blessing !
Sorry for the big amount of pictures , It's just that have being doing nothing lately but taking pictures but I can't show'em all right now ... So I hope you're all enjoying the pictures , and thank you again for your lovely comments :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's like you're always stuck in second gear ...

Seriously , I don't know why I chose that as a title x) , But what I know is that I  finally convinced my friend Riima that you might have seen in some of my previous posts ; into staring her own blog . I helped her making It and we found a really cute name : Candies and biscuits :) So i really hope you stop by her blog and help her building her blog like you did to me :)
And now I'll leave you with some photos of what I wore the last time I went to her place ...

 Find out more about her outfit HERE
Cutest squirrel ever :D

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here comes goodbye ...

This outfit pictures were taken a long time ago with my friend's cell phone ... ( Sorry for the bad quality :/ )

I can't beleive summer is over . I do love autumn and everything about It ; exept the fact that I'm gonna have to go back to school ... But in anyway , I can't wait to see my old classemates and some very kind teachers I'm so glad I'm so glad I was their student the last school-year :) ... Other than this I do love september because of the clouds that come along with It , and I also love It because I find myself the only one wearing bright colorful clothes while everybody else is putting dark stuffs on ... :D , and what about you guys , what are the things that you like and dislike about Aytumn ? Please tell me in a comment , I would be so glad to read what you've got on ure mind :)