Thursday, August 25, 2011

I would hold you for a million years , to make you feel my love ...

So as usual , I wanted to give this post an original title ( I don't know if It allways works :P ) , and I want you guys to know that I chose this one because I found myself so in love with the songsof the talented Adèl . I don't know how she does it , but she can write a song that makes you think that she got into your mind and started talking about what's in there ... :3
So this is what i wore on my way out this day ...

 These lovely elvs allways cheer me up <3

Well , today i went out with my little sister , we were supposed to buy her a pair of shoes but she ended with some sandals ... And lucky-me bought the stuffs you're gonna see in these pics ;) <3

The title I put for this post is a lyric from this song ... Well , in case you would like to listen to It ...



  1. Adele is more than an inspiration, she's beautiful and assume how she is! Sans oublier sa voix... :O
    Anyway, I love your green top, it's cute :)