Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Person should take many pictures , Because pictures remind us of memories that will never change , Unlike people !

It's finally August ! I kinda hate It because it represents the end of summer ... But It's Ramadan for us muslims ! :D , and for those who don't know what it is ; It's a month where we fast to get closer to God :)
The pictures you've seen were taken in cities like Asilah and Laaraiche  ... Well That's It , and make sure you all have a nice day / afternoon / evening / ... ;)
Wish i could put some more pictures but I'm at my cousin's house , and her computer has some serious issues :(


  1. wow, interesting pictures. where do you live? in what country? :) I greet:)

  2. I totally agree about taking pictures :)
    I'm not sure what country you are (I think Morroco) but it's gorge!
    I'm joining a few days with ramadan aswell! Hellooo detoxing body haha